Sunday, October 28, 2007

Memories of You

This kit was gonna get thrown in the "Kinda" basket, but I had some memories in mind when I was designing it so thats how I came up with the name.

Now theres a lil twist with this one. I'm not posting the download link to it. You have to earn it :) (cheeky lil Aussie aint I ) Heres how it will work.
You send me one LO using any of my kits and I will send you the download link for Part 1.
You send me 2 LO's and I will send you the links for Part 1 & 2.
You send me 3 LO's and I will send you the links for Parts 1 through 4.
If you feeling very creative you can send me 4 or more LO's and I will send you the link to download the WHOLE kit !!.
Each LO sent to me will be displayed on my website - with a link to your website or blog underneath it.
AND my 13yr old son will be picking what HE thinks is the best LO and that lucky person will get a bonus that no-one else will be getting :P If you send me QP's that I can offer the visitors to my blog you will get something extra as well :D
The only way you can get this kit is by sending me LO's - so what ya waiting for, start creating :P

Click here for the addy to send your LO's to

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verabear said...

That's actually a good idea. I will look at your other stuff too:)